The Story of Salt Cancer Initiative

Founded on December 16, 2016 by Thuy Thanh Truong - who has been honored 3 times in Vietnam for her influence and inspiration on the youth community, Salt Cancer Initiative is a prestigious organization and is supported by many organizations globally with the mission to bring the essential mental strength and information for cancer patients.

When Thuy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in Vietnam, she was unable to find a reliable source of information and her health was even worsened during the diagnosis and treatment. Although she was treated and built new life in the United States, Thuy did not forget the feeling of fear and worry she had gone through. So she was back to build a community of cancer patients and their relatives to bring them new strength.

Thanks to the help of so many volunteers, charitable donors, businesses, and organizations, Salt Cancer Initiative has been gradually forming a home for all the family who has been facing cancer.


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